2.3 - Post-Testing Discussion

Post Testing Discussion

  1. Using your data table from 3.1, calculate the average velocity for your mousetrap car during the best run in the final assessment. 
The average speed for the best run was 1.56m/s

2. Which part of your mousetrap car design worked best? Explain your answer.

The chassis worked the best because our chassis was made up of wood. Furthermore, we only used one piece of wood with a length of 38cm and a width of about 9cm. Therefore, the mass of the body was minimal. Using the formula f = ma, where f is force, m is mass and a is acceleration, our vehicle would have little friction (the duct tape on the tyres also contributed to this factor) causing the vehicle to travel further (less energy would be lost through friction).

3. If you had more time to work on your mousetrap car, state and explain how you will improve/modify the current design?

We will make the car more compact, as making it more compact will mean the car will be smaller, less surface area will be exposed hence air resistance acting on it will decrease, which will propel the car to move a greater distance. (f=ma understanding, the lesser the mass, faster the acceleration and force is also faster then ) We will also not add corks as "joints" as it can easily come off, making the car tilt to one side, making it off balanced, which makes one side heavier than the other, putting the car to a stop.

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